Theory of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics

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The High-Pressure Plasmas Group is strongly focused on the low-temperature plasma science and engineering research and fluid dynamics. The work of the group relies on theoretical methods, numerical simulation, and experiment performed both in partner laboratories abroad and in the Plasma Laboratory operated by the group. These spots occur on otherwise uniform electrode surfaces, a regime where one might expect a un Beautiful patterns on anodes of DC glow discharges have been observed for over a century.

In addition to being of significant theoretical interest by themselves, self-organized patterns on liquid anodes of atmospheric pressure glow microdischarges reveal a non-trivial cancer-inhibiting capability. Our goal was to compute self-organized patterns of spots on a flat metallic anode of a glow Efficient methods of modelling of electric arcs in high-pressure environment are of high importance for many technical devices, and the interaction of arc plasmas with electrodes, in the first place, the cathode, is currently a bottleneck.

This explains a surge of interest in plasma-electrode interaction inhigh-pressure arc discharges in the scientific community that has occurred over the past couple o Fundamentals and Applications of Nanophotonics. Joseph W. Current at the Nanoscale. Colm Durkan. Surface Flute Waves in Plasmas. Volodymyr Girka.

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