The Conscious Anatomy: Healing the Real You

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Please arrive 15 minutes early, as doors will be locked at listed start time. No refunds, no exceptions. He is a student of compassion and humility and travels facilitating groups and individuals in the realization of self-mastery through yogic philosophy, breath work, and natural plant-based detox. He supports people in their own growth, freedom, and discovery of the bodies innate intelligence to heal from within. Recognition is a powerful magnifier of connection. This process is about the pure acknowledgment of being seen and recognised for who you truly are, underneath all the layers.

Through the symbolic application of images, signs and visual cues, you will uncover a new way of seeing the world and the hidden messages that live hidden below the surface. This powerful process creates a potent lens to articulate and ground your intuition in a way you never have before. Here you will connect and interpret your objective findings with the consciousness of the chakra system. To interpret the degree in which consciousness is flowing throughout the body is to understand the hidden meaning behind our anatomy an-atom-in-me.

Day 6 continues through the readings from day 5. Bring your findings over the last three days into a comprehensive Emotional Anatomy report. Integrate provides you with the opportunity to culminate everything you have learnt over the past 6 days and share this beautiful gift with someone outside of the training. This heart thumping day provides you yet another opportunity to connect with others at the soul level. This is a critical process to ground, anchor and refine everything you have discovered and to ensure you can continue with this new found knowledge and awareness with confidence and optimism.

Embody concludes the process of initiation. This day involves a tailored made initiation process specific to the energetics of the group. It is at this stage spiritual truths must be embodied and utilised in real life situations. This process requires you to embody the realisation you have made by facing your fears, limiting beliefs, conditioning and negative past experiences in an entirely new way. Chris has shown thousands of people how to integrate Emotional Anatomy into their lives to transform their workplaces, relationships, health and more.

Formal Qualifications: B. Cut-off dates to take up this option listed in training dates. Remaining payment due 2 weeks prior to training commencement date OR choice of payment plan option. See enrolment form for full details, terms and conditions. We know how important it is to speak to a human! If you would like to discuss anything about the training we invite you to book a complimentary consult with our Student Coordinator.

Are there any prerequisites to sign up for the Emotional Anatomy training? There are no prerequisites. You can participate in our Emotional Anatomy training purely for personal development and self-awareness if you wish or for professional development and further training we offer at Soul Space Brisbane. Do I need to complete any pre-work? Participation in Emotional Anatomy has been designed so anyone can attend without regard for any previous formal educational training. Basic English literacy skills will be required. How many participants attend the training? We take a maximum of 14 students in this training.

This allows for a very personal experience with quality time. How is the training delivered? Emotional Anatomy is delivered as an in-person, 8 day training at our own beautiful space, Soul Space Brisbane.

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The training is made up of face-to-face classes, group discussion, practice and written tasks. It is our commitment to hold a space for transformational awareness and inspire individuals to live their purpose in every moment. Where is the training held? The training is held in Brisbane Australia at our own beautiful, warm and naturally lit space, Soul Space Brisbane.

What is the daily schedule like? Our training days are very full. Full commitment to each day is required from students to be able to successfully complete the training.


Our daily times are 8am for am sharp start and pm finish. Can I take part in only certain days of the training? Our training has been crafted to be a life changing experience. A very important aspect of the training is its duration. Full participation in the entire training is imperative to receive the most benefit from what we offer.

The Anatomy of Awakening with Michael Brian Baker - Soul of Yoga

Emotional Anatomy is highly experiential and is not offered as an online training. I want to travel to participate in this training. Do you have accommodation options? We have some great local, affordable and nearby accommodation recommendations. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities for in-house accommodation.

What can I do with my Emotional Anatomy training on a personal level? Emotional Anatomy training expands your personal development exponentially. View all 4 comments. Nov 03, Kyra rated it did not like it Shelves: must-read-woo , best-of-woo. There is no proof of either an accredited PhD or any such healing. Like any good New Age woo, Myss combines all the major world religions and throws in some popular, scientific weasel words ie Anatomy. Her tone, per usual, is self-praising as she claims that her Divine ability to diagnose illness is far superior to the fields of science, medicine, and psychology.

While presenting her pseudoscience in the form of chakra work, prayer, and meditation, she manages to remind the audience that even if all this work is done, there is no guarantee of healing. She has an entire story about a woman who was allegedly told by a mystical being that she would end up with an illness and have to live with it for the remainder of her life. So, remember, you can do all this work in her book which is quite a lot, I assure you and still be stuck where you are. Oh yes, and Myss tells us that the aforementioned woman, who would live the remainder of her days in pain, was on hallucinatory drugs when she had her mystical encounter.

This sort of selective storytelling sometimes leads me to believe that Myss is more deluded than a fraud. And yet, fortunately, her current, alleged interactions with St. Theresa of Avila, reassure me of the charlatan that she has always been. If you want to read something written by someone who believes that she is far superior to the rest of humanity—who acts as though she has been chosen by God to heal the world—who creates a pseudoscience based on sorta kinda maybe experiences and anecdotes—then Caroline Myss is your author.

She will surely show you all the things wrong with your life, and remind you that you are imperfect, selfish, and stupid. The only value in reading this book is in the fact that it has been a major influence in the world of woo. As always, I remind all readers to enter with caution. Myss is known for encouraging irrational thinking as she believes that the Divine is irrational. It is likely your brain might fall out in reading such garbage. I alternated between liking the book and being really irritated with it. While I do believe that there is more to health and illness than just what the Western medical establishment currently understands, there is a lot of science to health and illness.

This book completely ignores the science. Myss gives an example of a man "healed" from HIV by "adopting a healthy, near-vegetarian diet, doing aerobic exercise, quitting smoking, using castor oil packs across his abdomen for 45 minutes a day, and I alternated between liking the book and being really irritated with it. Myss gives an example of a man "healed" from HIV by "adopting a healthy, near-vegetarian diet, doing aerobic exercise, quitting smoking, using castor oil packs across his abdomen for 45 minutes a day, and psychotherapy" to come to terms with being gay.

Anectdotes like that just piss me off. Other parts of the book do have good suggestions. You cannot be at war with yourself or those around you without manifesting physical symptoms. You will be healthier and happier if you follow your bliss. Just don't think that being in the closet will give you AIDS and admitting your sexual preference will heal you.

That's crap. Mar 24, chris smith rated it liked it Shelves: alternative-healing. Overall, a good solid book with lots of information, but it failed to provide me with tools that I can use at home to heal myself. Therefore, it was a let down, for me, personally. But that doesn't really interest me, not does it have anything to do with me healing myself.

So I know the 1st Chakra or Root also is x with Overall, a good solid book with lots of information, but it failed to provide me with tools that I can use at home to heal myself. So I know the 1st Chakra or Root also is x with Christianity. So what? That information does zippo for my healing, unless I am interested in those things. The stories however, saved this book for me, and kept me reading.

They were insightful and inspiring. And the "Questions to ask yourself" were good, but not great.

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Most of us, are so out of touch with ourselves subconscious that we can't just ask a question and get understanding or perhaps it is just me that's out of touch.. So we read over 10 questions to ourselves? How do we heal from the answer assuming we even get an answer from ourselves?

The only tool provided, was a tiny chapter at the end, which basically just talked about "meditating". Well, what the gosh-darn is meditating? How does one do that? How does one know when you're actually meditating? Meditating and questions are the only tools? And yes, I know how to meditate, and do. Not good enough for me. So, it was a personal difference for me. I need tools. You give me a hammer, I can take the hammer to pound things in, or pull them out. I need tools to help me heal the no fracking issues that I'm dealing with right here and now, not a vague thing about meditation.

I read the book, since it was a gift I will keep it in my library. But I wouldn't buy one. Refreshing that it wasn't a "Polly-Anna" think positive and everything will all be miraculously healed kind of book. It was really an in depth look at the emotional, psychological and mental baggage we carry and how it can lead to spiritual and physical breakdowns.

She examines these things using the chakras, the sefirots of Kabbalah, as well as the Seven Christian sacraments. Myss challenges the reader to heal deep seated and underlying issues, if they truly want to heal on any level. She doesn Refreshing that it wasn't a "Polly-Anna" think positive and everything will all be miraculously healed kind of book.

She doesn't spend too much time talking about healing physical illness when she does, she offers examples of those who were healed physically as a result of a breakthrough and those who weren't , but instead focuses a lot of time discussing the emotional and psychological ways of being, what contributes to breakdowns and how we can overcome them to live fuller, richer lives, more spiritually connected full of meaning and love.

Sep 15, Ramani rated it it was amazing. This is one of my all time favorites. I'm reading it again to remind me of those spiritual lessons that are still hiding out from my consciousness :. May 26, Jen King rated it it was ok.

I came to read this book after struggling for numerous years with chronic lower back pain. I explored many areas to explain why this pain was with me and why it wouldn't leave - despite many attempts to rid it on my part. From Caroline's book, I learned about the chakra system and explored deeply what, if anything, I was doing or had done that was contributing to my pain and "dis-ease" with my back. After reading the book, I began doing Kundalini yoga almost daily in attempts to work whatever was in there out and help my kundalini rising.

Why You Don’t Heal Part 1 of 2

This didn't help me and in fact caused more pain. Needless to say, I had huge regrets of doing the kundalini yoga and felt better knowing my pain wasn't stemming from something "stuck" in my lower chakra, or some psychological issue I hadn't addressed. Rather, I was pretty much born with deformed hips and my pediatrician never caught it.

I've since had surgeries to fix some of the biomechanical issues and am feeling a world better. Use extreme caution when reading this book. Take it all with a grain of salt. There may be some parts that have some validity, but often times with illnesses there are multiple factors to consider. Feb 23, Natacha Pavlov rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction , spirituality , christianity , health. Her interview was very interesting but what struck me was how serious, if not a bit dispirited she sounded at least at the time.

I found her approach of citing a number of stories as examples of what can happen at each stage to be helpful. And while my own meditation experiences have led me to believe in the existence of these energy centers, I still find them tinged with mystery and complexity. Doubt I'll ever be one of those people who knows all there is to know about chakras! As such, I find that reading comparative literature on the subject—such as this book—can help increase understanding of this multi-layered concept. Feb 04, Jessi rated it it was amazing Shelves: healing-arts , spirituality.

A great walk through the body's energetic system. Myss is an established medical intuitive and one of the greatest and most prolific leading authorities on natural healing. I like her style and practical multi-disciplinary approach.

The Conscious Anatomy: Healing the Real You

This is a walk through each of the body's seven energy centers chakras , and she expertly explains what health challenges physically and emotionally are associated with each energy center, what the process of healing actually IS physically and emotionally , and h A great walk through the body's energetic system. This is a walk through each of the body's seven energy centers chakras , and she expertly explains what health challenges physically and emotionally are associated with each energy center, what the process of healing actually IS physically and emotionally , and how each of the 7 energy centers relate to the 7 sacraments of christianity, the kabbalah tree of life, and some eastern traditions because these are what she is most familiar with -- the point being that this is not new information and the keys to this exact information are presented slightly differently in many spiritual traditions and have been passed down through the ages.

Nov 17, Elyse Walters rated it it was amazing. I saw a friend reading this book! This is by 'far' in my opinion Caroling Myss's best book! I read it years ago. Paul had given it to me when I was leaving for a personal retreat -- with a chakra precious gem necklace - As 'crazy' as I am about 'this' book Carolyn wrote I feel the complete opposite on some books she has written in later years. I couldn't stand things s I saw a friend reading this book! I couldn't stand things she was saying It was as if she wrote the new bible to read daily --'forever'.

Hated it! Apr 30, Hissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: philosophy. I started reading this book out of boredom, it was a very random choice. I have never heard of it or anything, and I'm sad that I didn't. I didn't think I will finish it in one sitting. Yes I know it's a very short book, but I was very sleepy so I really didn't think I will stay up for a book I have never heard of.

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It might sound weird, but after reading this book I feel refreshed. I feel more deep?? Like I know what's my next step is? You guys must read it. I honestly recommend it to everyone. Feb 01, Chris Schaefer rated it did not like it Shelves: yoga.

This book was on the reading list for a hour yoga teacher training course I'm taking. I consider myself open-minded, but this was a bit too "out there" for me. Here's a direct quote: "Peter, I'm a friend of your father's. I'm a medical intuitive Maybe I'll try it again another day, but not any time soon. View 1 comment. Incredible stuff - plenty to reflect about.

Another book - essential book to keep in your library.