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Palgrave Macmillan. What is the Norway Model? Mode of Affiliation or Political Compromise?. Political quarterly London.

Oxford University Press. Off Field?

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Democracy and Legitimacy in the EU. Peter Lang Publishing Group. Chapter 4. Chapter 2. Democratic federalization and the interconnectedness—consent conundrum. Journal of European Public Policy. European federalism: Pitfalls and possibilities. European Law Journal. Show summary The purpose of this article is to show that federalism provides a better understanding of what the EU is, the nature of the challenges facing it, and the realm of possible solutions than do alternative conceptions such as multilevel governance.

Federal challenges and challenges to federalism. Chapter 1. Insights from the EU and federal states John Erik. Norwegian Reflections on Brexit. Reflections on EU Legitimacy and Governing. European Papers. Chapter Democracy and differentiation in Europe. Towards a Segmented European Political Order.

The European Union's Post-crises Conundrum. Diversity and Contestations over Nationalism in Europe and Canada. Policy Press. Federal Challenges and Challenges to Federalism. Show summary Discussing what we may learn from thinking about the EU in federal terms represents a two-fold challenge. The European Union's non-members: Independence under hegemony? Tiden renner ut for Brexit-forhandlingene: Eksperter frykter et hardt brudd. Norra politoloog: finantskriis ja populistid on Brexitist ohtlikumad.

The Asahi Shimbun. Bringing federalism back on the agenda. Studio 2, P2. Effects on EEA countries.

Lessons from the EEA. Norway and Brexit.

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Discover Society. Quo vadis Europa - Segmentation, consolidation, or fragmentation?. Radio: Studio 2, P2 om Brexit og den norske modellen. Folkeviljens fallitt?. Are the lessons of the EEA relevant to Brexit. Brexit and the EEA. Does Brexit Herald a Re-assertion of the Nation-state? Folkeavstemning- en god ide? Studio 2 - P2. Nordic Populism.

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Show summary he new populist right has emerged as a political force all over Europe. The European Council and the EU's crises: A driver of core consolidation, a means of muddling through, or an instigator of fragmentation in Europe? The European Union and the populist challenge. Introduction: European transformations: Are the crises really over or is it just the end of their beginning? Lessons from the EU's non-members, blogginnlegg Alternatives to the EU.

Comment on keynote lecture 'Global justice against global finance'. Crises, democracy and governance in a differentiated EU.

Routledge Studies in European Foreign Policy

Democratic Federalization. Democratic federalization.

TV2 Nyhetskanalen. How to rebuild the trust of EU citizens?. Integration through conflict. Lecture series. The matter in question was how to reform existing social policies and institutions with the aim of surmounting common European problems and challenges. In this context, the region emerged as a unit to address challenges to domestic welfare systems see Bianculli and Ribeiro Hoffmann, Introduction. More specifically, common problems suggested the diffusion of common European labour market approaches, which would in turn guide and support domestic reforms.

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