Bill Doolin, Outlaw O.T (The Western Frontier Library, V. 41)

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Frank Jackson, known to Sam Bass. Ed Morgan. Frank M. Abbie Morgan. Henry Underwood. Arkansaw Johnson. Sam Pipes. Seaborn Barnes. Sam Bass. Isabella Bird Bishop.

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Nugent, "Rocky Mountain Jim". Wild Bill Hickok. Elizabeth Bacon Custer. Tom Custer. William H. Pat Floyd Garrett. Nelson Lee. Al Sieber. Tom Horn.

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Joaquin Murieta. William Clarke Quantrill. George Armstrong Custer.

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  • Who Riley was, or what ever happened to him, is still a mystery. After the gunfight, he left town and was never seen again. There are many written accounts of the gunfight, and Riley is mentioned in all of them. Here's what we do know:. He was 18 years-old at the time of the gunfight.

    He had advanced tuberculosis. He was known as a quiet young man who spent most of his waking hours with Mike McCluskie, who was the cause of, and the first victim of the gunfight. It is thought that it was the sight of McCluskie being gunned down by the Texans that pushed Riley from being a quiet man to a killer of men. Rosa, Joseph G. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: Miller, Nyle H. Miller and Joseph W. Dary, David. Horan, James D. New York. McCarty, Lea Franklin.

    Preece, Harold. Time-Life Books. Return to the Top. It should not be quoted or retransmitted without a full citation to the author. After numerous 'money-making' ventures Sam had formed a partnership with Joel Collins and Jack Davis. They tried unsuccessfully to establish a freighting outfit.

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    Sam had pointed out that "It's pretty hard to quit our old trade and go into a business that don't pay any better than this. The holdup was a failure, which drove them the Union Pacific would be more profitable. The gang's first train robbery was their most successful. William H.

    Billy the Kid was a lad with buck teeth who could do remarkable things with a. Billy the Kid died at age 21, having killed 21 men during his gunslinger career, a victim of circumstances, and many claim the dupe of the Lincoln County War. William "Billy" L. Brooks : Abt.

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    He was also supposed to have been a noted buffalo hunter and was to have been dubbed 'Buffalo Bill' which confuses him with William F. Early in Newton was incorporated as a third-class city, the city council wasted no time in appointing a police force. Much of Brooks' subsequent career is a mixture of hearsay, alleged gunfights and tall tales.

    By Brooks had turned to outlawry and horse thievery. Hasbrouck were removed from jail by a large gang of silent men and taken to a large tree on the main road. Despite pleas for mercy and a fair trial, the three were hung. Brooks reportedly begged for mercy.

    They were orphaned at an early age, and raised by an uncle on his farm near Rolla, Missouri. Left home at seventeen, worked as a cowboy, buffalo hunter, became entangled in the Lincoln County cattle war, joined with Billy the Kid in some of the more bizarre incidents.

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    Ended up in Caldwell Kansas where he was appointed as a deputy marshal, in about he was promoted to marshal, he also appointed Ben Robertson aka Ben Wheeler as his deputy. They did such a good job, that Henry was presented a brand new Winchester rifle.

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    Married in , most citizens regarded him as a solid officer and citizen. On 30 April , he and Wheeler and two cronies from the Oklahoma territory attempted to rob the bank at Medicine Lodge, Kansas, having convinced the mayor of Caldwell that they needed the time off to pursue a murderer headed into the Oklahoma Territory. The robbery needless to say was a failure, they killed numerous citizens before being pursued and captured by the enraged townspeople of Medicine Lodge.