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No GRE required. Offers full-time, part-time, and accelerated tracks. Complete in 21 months.

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Do you know your education options? Online and campus locations. Know all choices for the present or future. In addition to a degree, it is also helpful to have experience working with disadvantaged members of the community. This can be gained through volunteering with a variety of community resources such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, state agencies, human services non-profits and similar organizations.

Do I have what it takes to be a social worker?

Actual experience in the field is valued almost as highly as a degree. The key is being able to show experience working with individuals and groups with issues such as:. Another highly valued skill set is to have strong bilingual and multilingual skills. The most valuable language to know in most of the US is Spanish. However, depending on your region of the country you may have immigrants who speak other languages such as:.

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These are just a few of the languages that are valuable to know in human services. It is best to find out what additional languages are spoken in your local community to determine which language you might study to bolster your resume.

The Breakdown: How to Become a Social Worker

Strong computer skills are a must in the Social Work field. From writing case work narratives on eligibility decisions, to database entry and issuance of electronic benefits almost all work is done on computer systems. Being able to show strong skills in typing and familiarity with MS Word, Excel and Internet search skills are a must.

If you really want to boost your career, you will want a Masters in Social Work.

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The Social Work License Map provides information about licensure, state by state. Some states a few different levels of licensure while others may only have one.

Be sure to check your preferred state of licensure for more requirements. According to the National Association of Social Workers NASW , social workers should pursue 48 hours of continued learning before each licensure renewal period. However, continued learning for licensure renewal is different by state and level of licensure. There are many different types of continuing education that social workers can pursue:.

How to Become a Social Worker | Begin Your Journey

How to Become a Social Worker The social work profession is a dynamic career choice for those looking to promote healthy growth and change among vulnerable populations. These programs typically take a shorter amount of time to complete than a traditional standing program.

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Non-BSW Pathway - If you are not entirely sure that a social work career is the best option when you start your undergraduate studies, you are still able to pursue a MSW and work in the field without having a specific undergraduate degree in social work. It is not uncommon for students who do end up pursuing their MSW to have a different undergraduate degree.

What Does a Social Worker Do?

If you attend an accredited program, it means the program is following a set of standards representing best practice when it comes to providing students with social work education. It may also ensure that programs are offering a curriculum to students with a core set of social work competencies that will prepare you for actual practice, post-graduation.

Master Social Work Licensure - This licensure is typically pursued if you are not interested in practicing clinically diagnosing, utilizing the DSM V and addressing mental health. Those who work in macro level practice may have this licensure. This licensure will not permit you to have a private practice while a clinical licensure will. Clinical Social Work Licensure - The clinical social worker license should be pursued if you are currently or desire to provide clinical services, often in the form of psychotherapy.

This licensure will allow social workers to have an independent private practice if they so choose. Fordham University Master of Social Work. Baylor University Master of Social Work.